• Organizational Structure

    The Ohio Valley Region consists of six Localities:  Colmbus, Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington, Louisville, and Northeast Ohio.  Each Locality is divided into Sections for Women, Men, Young Adults, ECYD Boys and ECYD Girls.  Our Region is part of the North America Territory.  Here is an organization chart to help understand relationships in our structure and ensure that everyone knows how to communicate essential information.  

    Organizational Structure

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    Below are the Regional Leaders and Local Directors for each Locality as well as the membership of our Regional Communications Team.   The sidebar provide links to the people, team and contact information for leaders of each Locality.

  • RC Ohio Valley Communcations Team

    The purpose of the Regnum Christi Communications Team is to provide and manage resources and tools that enable our leaders and members to have timely access to the information they need about the locality and especially about their local communities.  These tools include, but are not limited to, our website, social media, flyers, newsletters, and email / text distribution software.  We will work with each section to help them understand the tools, train local talent, and utilize all resouces to effectively communicate their information and events to their members and broader community.
    Lead by: Yvonne Nuxoll and Charisse Rubio.